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Yaris Suspension


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I 've got a yaris with the 1.3L engine. I want to tune up the suspension.

I was thinking the solution of bilstein sprint with Eibach springs 30mm lower (Yaris cup option)

A friend of mine told me that they are very hard.(not good for road use)

Another solution is KYB-Eibach,

I read posts about TTE springs better than Eibach?with koni sport(yellow)?or apex kit?

I just want to make it turn!! :D

what do you prefer?

notice tyres:185/60 R14 Yokohama A539, the road quality of my country is poor (Greece) :(

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Everyone I have spoke to with TTE suspension in the yaris rates it very highly, so i would say TTE!

I think the yaris turns pretty well standard anyway! :D

try a strut brace too to stiffen things up if you want flat turning :)

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I have TTE springs, and rate them highly, and no its not because thats what i have, i think you could ask all yaris owners with the springs.... (Jerry and Steve R) and they would say the same, it stiffens the ride but not to an unbareable state and the the 30mm is more like 40mm when the cars settled.... I also have a TRD front upper strut brace that i believe stiffens the front up even more.

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:D I am very happy that some people love Yaris!!

I was thiniking about the front upper strut brace from TRD but I am afraid of a side impact which will destroy both of the struts???(sorry for my poor English)

I hope that you are understanding what I am writting.

This is a chance to improve my English and dictionary in automotive eng.

If I keep the same shock-absorver with a set of the TTE lower springs will it be harmfull for them? ;) because i like the comfort that it has now!

(I don't want to have a broken shock on the road)

All of my friends are telling me about the inclination of axis (pitches?) because when they are watching it... they are behind me! :P

but from inside I feel it very sure in cornering!! :thumbsup:

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