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Remote Central Locking


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Well I have a Yaris P1 with central locking and have recently bought a remot central locking kit. I am wanting to upgrade it so that I have remote central locking and was wondering if someone had already done this and if so they could tell me what wires to connect to where etc as the instructions that I have are very very vauge.



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Correct me if I'm wrong (which I hope I am) Tielaoda TJJ-2088 is ONLY a central locking (C/L) system, atleast thats what I could figure out by googling for it. In that case you won't be getting the remote key fob.

But assuming it has the remote key fob this is what you have to do:

The easiest way is to use the central lock/unlock switch on the driver door control panel & control the factory fitted actuators, wire up the lock/unlock wires from the 3rd party C/L unit to this switch. These are the thin wires on the connector on top behind the cowl side trim board. they are the control wires NOT the power wires to the actuator so make sure you are connecting the control signals to those wires. Yaris uses a negative trigger C/L system so your aftermarket product should also be negative trigger.

Also factory fitted C/L operates on a pulse from the door control panel switch, if your 3rd party device gives out a continues output the door switch will stop functioning when you hook up the new system.

The wire color codes are brown/white & green/red. which is lock & which is unlock I didn't note down when I installed my car alarm... yeah real stupid..!!! :ffs: This is for a PI Vitz it should be the same for a Yaris but better check it out first. You can use a test bulb to isolate the correct wires.

Post back with more details of the C/L unit you bought coz there maybe additional connections like door sensors or lock/unlock warning indicators.

Sorry if this reply sounds confusing, I'm just trying to cover as much ground as possible with the limited info you provided.


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