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Parts List For Service


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Hi, it's got to servicing time...

Can someone give me a part list (and some advice on the best place to get the bits...)

It's only a part service... so we need

Oil (which grade/brand is best?)/ Filter


Air Filter

Sump Plug and Gasket?

Also, for anyone who doesn't use it Dose of 'STP Total Fuel System Cleaner' is a good idea aswell.

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I've got a Turbo, but for a N/A the following

Oil - 15w 50 Mobile M1 / Filter Toyota oil filter from MR T probably the best (not sure which part number for a N/A)

Plugs - Toyota reccommends ND PK20R8 or NGK BKR5EYA11 (assuming 5S-FE Engine), not sure what yours is, but can't be that different.

Air Filter - Something From K & N should do the trick, do a search on Fensport (www.fensport.co.uk)

Sump Plug and Gasket - Standard Toyota parts - ask at your dealer for these items quoting car Model i.e. N/A country of Origin i.e. Japan/England (Import/English) and Year.

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Few differences in opinion for a '91 Rev1 NA....

Oil - Magnatex 10-40W, I swear by the stuff even though Mr.T put 10-30 in.

Plugs - I'm using Bosch Super 4's from Halfords, seem to be doing the job quite nicely...

Air Filter - For £10 you could put a nice induction kit on or alternatively Mr. T stock Air Filter

Sump Gasket and plug - Mr T, I always buy mine with a new Oil Filter, worth changing at every oil change and with the Gasket comes to around £10...

Gold gets you discount on all Mr. T items as well :)

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