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Dear Friends Another Question


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Dear friends,

I observed that many of you are from Britain and Europe in general. Because I am from Greece I have a question concerning some prices. I had entered the site of the Racing Development of our company and the prices posted there where tragically low and I got my hopes up :drool: . 4 Iridium spark plugs 20$. I asked for Iridium spark plugs in Greece and the Denso cost 100 Euro!! :eek:

So you can understand my disappointment. Please tell me what kind of prices are found in Europe. Greece has a really lousy taxing system.

Thank you again for your time. Yours trully Dimitris :bye:

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The prices here are pretty stupid too. We're luck y in that we can order from a third world country like South Africa where Toyota is king and we not only pay ridiculously low prices but we dont have to pay any import tax :)

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