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Toyota Carina E


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Hi there!!

I need some advise, I bougth a Carina estate kudos 1.6 petrol only a month ago!! ( seconhand) . It is however drinking too much oil something like 2 litres every 250 miles!!!. Defenitely an engine problem....has anyone experienced a problem like this???.....if yes what was causing it?? ...I have heard that in the 1.6 engines the valve tends to stick causing oil burning.

can anyone one make some suggestions....I need to make my mind up as to wheather to sell the car or have the engine repaired ...it all comes down to money and time!!



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Toyota 1.3 and 1.6 litre engines are known to drink a lot of oil because of the stiff valve seals - during the years engine is operating in various temperature ranges and these conditions (usualy frequent city driving with a lot of stop-go) can burn your valve seals so they can not seal the valves any more and then oil slips through the valve guides into the cylinders.

If you se blue smoke during start up or when you are, for example, accelerate after a stop that indicates that yours valve seals are gone in the wind. But, if you see a lots of blue smoke DURING driving, all the time, that can be sign that the piston oil rings are broke and maybe you need a new valves. Check compression and spark plugs. If the compression test is OK, you have good valves and piston rings in normal condition - so you can only replace the valve seals (it is not so expensive).

Bad thing is if you have low or non-equal compression and if you have too much oil on your spark plugs. That can indicate serious problems...

best regards,


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