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Hi From A New Member!

Neil Clark

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Good evening, good evening, another 2 on the boards....

Welcome to the club and congrats on purchasing one of the best cars in the world, OK so I'm very biased and as you'll see on the forum am an MR2 nut...

welcome aboard and look forward to seeing you at some of the meets...

You coming to JAE, if your new to Jap cars, it's the biggest Jap car meet in the UK held ever year, last weekend in july (all of it) expect to se 3000 monsters there...

Red - Superb choice in colour, just make sure you keep it clean so it doesn't fade :) :) :)

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Welcome to the club mate and yes i once lived in the dark side where you came from(but it was good fun at the time).

Have a pop to a few meets,there's one not to far from you on the 3rd of august in stafford and a cruise to stoke afterwards.Also don't forget the big one at JAE near northampton just look on meets and events for more info :thumbsup:

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welcome matey, im reasonably new (5 weeks' in) as well and i agree with everybody else - jap is the way - no turning back now!

good choice of colour by the way. :thumbsup:

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Welcome to the gang, any mechanical queries, I'll try and answer. I own the full service manuals (for Turbo), so I should be also to find out about most things.

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