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jay dh

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i usually leave shopping fairly late, altho have a good idea what ill be getting the girlfriend, ta for the links dude - ill check them out and also pass them onto her, she loves these kinda sites

oh and dude - no need to blame the gf, we secretly know u loooove shopping :lol:

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Cool - will check those out. Although I thought the Gadget Shop had closed down?

Oh yep and One for the Lads with a Girlfriend to buy for... :lol: :lol: ;)

Tiffany!!! Ahhh...I already have a necklace and bracelet from their via my Parents for my 18th, they want to buy me something else from there for my 21st next month aswell...we're not talking major money tho obviously!!

I really should start planning for Xmas :unsure:

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Did someone say there's a radio controlled SHARK?!?! Where? Gimme gimme!

Charis :)


Make sure you watch the vid!!!!!!!

I also like the look of this


"Mini Subs are the sort of toys we all yearned for as kids. Zipping them around your bath, fish tank, or pool is an absolute must (especially at night with the search light on. Childish yes, but that's probably why we love them so much). A two minute charge will give you up to four minutes of rushing about alarming your fish"

They also have a new type of radiocontrolled hovercraft :D

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