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Hello reader, I'm new to this site so please excuse me if i put this message in the wrong place. I need help on a motor swap for my 1985 Corolla SR5, I want to swap the motor out to a dual cam GTS motor but I don't know how to do it much less what tools or parts are needed:(. Is there anyone out there who might be able to help me? Any kind of advice will be geatly appriciated.

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How much detail do you need?

I can only give you some general advise. Ask yourself questions like will the new engine need different mounts and crossmember? are the gearboxes compatable? are you doing a straight swap with another complete engine? is your ignition up to scratch and ECU or will u need this aswell? Are you gonna attempt this your self? if so, you have to strip the engine as much as you can to shed weight. Then rent an engine crane, or get a few mates round and use a large scaffolding bar and lots of rope to lift it out with.

If your not going to touch the internals of the new engine, then see if you can find an engine allready in a car so you can hear it running. By some good books on engine building and swat up on all the facts/basics.

If you have everything, then the swap could be done within a day, but give yourself plenty of time really. In reality u will have to get round stuff with a bit of inginuity. It took me about 3hrs to partially strip the block and head, take all the ancillery stuff out (like starter motor/alternator etc) and get the thing out..... so far its 3 or 4wks, but im doing a complete engine rebuild and have to wait for stuff to be machined or sourced.

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