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Toyota Rav4 Wheels

big dave

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I'm a new user here and just wonderin:-

My 2 year old Rav4 is now on it's 3rd set of alloys.

8 wheels have pitted. They are washed twice a week at least and have never been kerbed.

Toyota say there is no manufacturing defect but know there is a problem.

My warranty is out within the year and I've been told that if they corrode after this, then 'hard lines'. I have been advised to run the car with corroded alloys until just before the warrany is up, then have them changed because at least i will gat about a year out of them.

Does anybody else have this problem on here. My dealership has told me that it is quite widespread but that they get no joy from the head office.


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Can they not offer you alternative alloys?

The first time I contacted customer services, THEY mentioned this. They have since got back to me and said only like for like. Or what I consider to be defective for defective!!

I'm actually quite happy with the look of the alloys. I only want a set that don't corrode. Too much to ask???

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You might be able to get somewhere that will put an extra couple of layers of laquer on that final set you get?? May cost £20-£30 at a back street garage but it should make them last longer

If this works, you'd guess that toyota would have thought of it instead of replacing hundreds (probably more) of wheels

I might see if they'll pay for it!!

What are the odds?


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