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Corolla 4x4 Wagon


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as some of you know i'm planing to make the old rolla 4 wheel drive. one of the problems i'm faced with is the fuel tank. if any one owns the 4x4 wagon version of the rolla can they post/send me some photo's so i can see if the fuel tank will fit my car.

i could have a tank made to go inside the car but then i'd lose the practicality :wacko:

so this would be the best option if it fits

thanks in advance

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looked underneath tunnel is big enough for prop shaft but needs widening on the drivers side for the exhaust.

i'll keep you posted.

nad is your site up and running yet also missed you at JAPS would like to see your rolla sound exellent hope to catch you at JAE :thumbsup:

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Let me know how you get on with any 4x4 application, although I would think that the Corolla drive-train will not be strong enough. It would have to be a modified ST185/ST205 jobbie.

Sorry I missed you guys at !Removed!, but only just had a baby girl two weeks ago - still not had much sleep!

However, I will defo be at JAE as always and look forward to meeting you and the beast.

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congrats on the birth of your daughter i know what your going through mines 15 mths old now and be asured it does get better or your body adjusts not sure which :lol:

planning on using the 205 diff/ driveshafts any way as corolla wagon was live axle :eek:

may have to have a cradle made for the diff as i think the 205 one is a little high

fuel tank is a pain though. d tweaks do an ATL tank that fits the spare wheel well but its £1500 :eek: so thats wy i'm hoping that the corolla wagon one will fit

see ya at JAE

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try tracking down a Camry 4wd, they're out there somewhere....

Infact i saw one at my local, and couldnt resist getting under for a look, would be a really easy conversion, practically bolt in 99% but unsure of the rear track size or the durability, the gear under the camry looks similar to tercel or something......

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