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What's Your Carbon Footprint?


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This is really in response to the current BP ad-campaign asking "How big is your Carbon Footprint?"

The UK average is 10 tonnes per person and I came in at 6 tonnes - in no small part because up here the vast percentage of our electricity in this part of Scotland coming from hydro or wind sources...

In case you're interested, here's the site: http://www.bp.com/carbonfootprint



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6 tonnes -- but they didn't take into account my 6" triple glazing, nor the fact that the heat energy is taken out of the air pumped from my house to help heat the washing water, or the semi-storing floor heating fed by a 2,000 litre water tank, etc (leccy is part hydro) I try and make up for it by burning wood :thumbsup:

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32 Tonnes.....

But they would only let us enter three cars........

They didn't have a mad gas guller category either!!!

They also did include other big CO2 generators, like Log fires :thumbsup:

Take Public Transportation
Choose a fuel-efficient car


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7 tonnes, but our house fuel wasn't listed (Oil), so could be more.

15K miles a year in an economical super mini :D

0 long haul flights this year, 4 of us at home, in a detached house.

1 car in the house (didn't include a motorbike though), plus I take lots of dumps..... :D

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