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Hi, the website you are looking for is www.topgear.com (Not the BBC version) It is a pain to find any particular car, you have to look through 20 or so pages so don't know where your car comes. I've tried to find my car but got fed up looking. Good luck!!!

Arhhhh just noticed from reply above yours is 11th, saves looking then :rolleyes:

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11 ....but they are french made now ! :rolleyes:

Doesn't matter where they're made.... Peugeot 206's are made in Britain, and they're in the bottom ten! :lol:

yeah - my dad visited the pug factory last week where they make em, em

Been There too! Pretty boring tbh and its well funny talking to the kind of people who make the peugeot you could be buying! They seemed a miserable lot when i went with school a year or so ago! :P

O and Re where the yaris came in the survey.... That seems pretty darn impressive for the yaris to come 11th and i would be happy at that!

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