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Camry Question


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First off I wanted to say hi to everybody. I just joined the group and let me say I am glad I found a place like this.

My question:

I own a 2002 Camry SE, I am looking at getting some wheels for it to make it look more stylish and sleek. I want something that will make the car look well balanced. But I don't want to rob anything from the performance or acceleration of the car. So, with all that said I just wanted to get your input on what size of wheel to get. I currently have the standard factory 16' alloy's.

Thanks a bunch!

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hye bud and welcome :thumbsup:

just a quick response to your question,i guess it depends on whether you want to lower you're car or not,but 17"s would be a good starting point :D

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ok well you want style and sleek without loseing performance and acceleration :huh:

well you could get new 16's,different make and style,car's set up will stay the same,same could be said i guess with 17's,practicaly no differance will occur,but maybe you're best bet would be some 18's,now they proberly will affect performance a bit but they will definately give you the sleek style you're after and fill out the arches......... :P :P :P

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