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Improving 2001 Corolla Sound Quality


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I have the 2001 Corolla h/back (facelift model) with the stereo 'integrated' into the facia. Is it possible to keep the existing stereo/cd but improve the overall sound quality ?

I would like to :

1) upgrade the Speakers

2) add another amp

3) add a bass unit in the boot

Is any of this possible ? If so, any recommendations on make/model of the Speakers etc.

Thanks !

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Is that the new shape Corolla, the current one, that is?

I'm currently installing a complete new audio system in my Corolla.

Changing the headunit, changing the front Speakers, custom boot install.

So far, i've only changed my headunit, with original Speakers,

sounds much better and louder than the original.

Changing the speaker, anything other than the original, should sound better,

but saying that, mine do sound alot of improvement, from only changing the headunit.

You could install an amp in the system, but would mean a bit of work.

Adding a sub, depend if your going passive from the amp, again, would need some work.

It all depends on what you want from your system.

Changing the speaker, adding the sub, will need some work,

but then again, your half way to changing the system,

all you would need to do, is change the headunit, and it would be much better.

I'm going to do an album on my install, of what i do, but will take sometime.

Let me know if your interested, and i'll try and show you what i'm doing.

Have fun



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