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Leather Interior Problems New 2004 Rav4 Xt4


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have a new 2004 XT4 with the leather interior. In summer when we had a hot few weeks the leather interior door sections just all peeled off and came away. Piping, trim, the lot.

Had complete murders getting them all changed. Found out the leather is added in the UK, not factory fitted in Japan. Hence failing off!

It took 3 weeks to order the leather section packs as the didnt have apart number and when they did arrive the leather piping wasnt included as this was a separate part, which once agian had no part number! Worse still they had to organise a leather upholsterer to come and fit the new panels.

The first time they were like thrown on, went bonkers with Dealer, Currie Motors in Barnet. they had to order the whole lot again and get the upholsterers back again. Finally got it right!!!!!!!!!

Then Oh Yeah, the recent cold snap we had like last week made the new leather piping and sections contract and the panels started to peel off again.

Its realy put me off the car although its my second Rav4. I get the feeling and impression that this is a battle which Toyota cant win, it will just go on and on, dependant on weather, each time I have to lose the car for ike 2 days to get the work done, and with kids its a real drag, even with a temporary vehicle.

Has anyone else had this problem and can I get some advice or help?????????

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ravilello, I also have a 2004 XT4 and have not had any problems with the interior at all. I can't understand you being told the leather trim is a UK dealer fit option. Mine was delivered, from Japan, with all the leather fitted. In fact, the sales man told me it was all factory fit interior except for the cd changer which was a dealer option.

I would suggest you contact Toyota directly and talk to them about the problem and the service you have received form your dealer. Hope you get it resolved.

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