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I Know Its A Honda, But Its Fu***n Blown Up.


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last night, we were cruising around in my car, when we heard a big boom from the end of the street.

we revved there fast, just to see a honda blowing up... well, no one was in there.. and its a pity i didnt have my cam there.

so i swooped there today and took some photos..

hell ya!!!




btw, the owner of the car wasnt there..

but some guys who stood there told us it just exploded..

without anything unusual happening there before the explosion..

after watching myth busters shooting a car in the tank, i fail to understand what can cause such an explosion.

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after watching myth busters shooting a car in the tank, i fail to understand what can cause such an explosion.

what happened on that programme? can that blow a car up? movie weirdness like that has always annoyed me. like when someone punches a car window and it breaks really easy..

and yeah that is so weird.. its just burnt at the front and back.. a bomb would have knackered the whole thing wouldnt it.. looks just more like fire damage to the front and back (unbelievable just those areas are affected)

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no way it was a bomb...

a bomb would tear the middle part...

myth busters ..tried to prove all those myths about engines and stuff..


what happens if u put sugar in the fuel tank (nothing), what happens if you put milk in the gas tank (nothing), what happen if u put a coin in the carborator (nothing) .. what happens if you put coke into the radiator (once again nothing)..

the only thing that stopped the engine was bleecher, poured directly into the engine..


it was hilarious..

the episode number is 2x03 and ..well i guess you could ifnd it SOMEWHERE.. its called scuba diver, car capers..

(scuba... they tried to suck a human with a fire helicopter)

yeah i know..ccrrazyzyy

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Often wondered what would happen if you lit a firelighter (domestic) under the tyre which is below the pipe running from the filler cap to the fuel tank. It usually has a rubber/nylon/whatever connector half way down.

Think that would do it? :ph34r:

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My money would be on a explosive called Black Powder, all those who have said its too little damage for an explsoives sorry that is complete *****, you have been watching too many James Bonds etc.

There are 2 main types of explosives, HE's (High Explosives) and Primers, Primers are usually to set something off like plastic det cord is a primer explosive in plastic that can be set off. Fireworks use primers, Military use HE's. This could very easily be a primer.

Look at the pictures? What else do you know that could blow a cars suspension to shi*t, whilst pushing through the top of the bonnet and out the front as well, it was almost definatly an explosion, although the actual explosive used, was probally a primer, most probally Black Powder

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from the damage on the car the fire has been completely underneath the car, fuel tank has been damaged by maybe a incendery device, small homemade bomb or he grenade.

eternity STOP posting non related crap in the yaris forum i keep telling you not to and you keep doing it.................

and lastly........


your that suprised by cars exploding you feel the need to post it on TOC?? you cant get out much lol

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I'd say it was a bomb... but it hasn't gone off... the detonator has, or primer device which could probably cause that, but the actual explosives havn't.

Still, if I heard a !Removed! great bang and then a car on fire and I lived in Israel... i certainly wouldn't run towards it!

OR!! Is there a man-hole underneath that car, or a vent of some sort... could be a violent steam vent which has burnt the car and caused the tyres to burst (bang) and the added pressure has popped the bonnet?? Hmm... puzzling all the same

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