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Factory Speakers, Just Had To Go..


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Got the Rav4 Speakers changed and there was an excellent sound improvement, the factory Speakers looked just as bad as they sounded

The place I got them done at fitted different makes to see which ones where most suitable in the end the Alpine Type R Speakers was what I went with, they went well together with the Factory Unit although some Kenwood Speakers were good as well.

While there I also asked to hear a subwoofer fitted to the system, they fitted a under seat mounted Alpine subwoofer, but it was not good there was too much vibration caused by the subwoofer and the bass was as expected too concentrated on the driver side so it was not worth the money. A proper set up in the rear would have faired better but I was more the happy with just the speaker upgrades.

Overall I think upgrading the speakers is money worth spent, the difference is amazing to say the least and I go a long with what others in the forum that have done it have said and highly recommend it :thumbsup:

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I used a local place that I have used before on my previous cars called Neasden Electronics in North london. They did use spacers as well, sound Proofing the doors would have improved the sound further but I listened to system once the Speakers were in and was satisfied with it so I thought let me stop here before the overall cost of doing this increases further. Total including labour & VAT was £276.00 with some discount the labour was less then usual and it did take longer then estimated, the fitting was done well with no visible scratches on the door panels.

Regarding the Speakers (Alpine SPR-17LP), the choice was a personnel one after hearing various other makes with the kind of music that I listen to but limited by what they had in stock at the time, I think any decent set of Speakers costing around £30-£40 will bring an improvement anything after this is probably just gravy. Another thing that I also wanted in the speakers was durability which is why I opted for something in the price bracket that I went for.

Also in future if I change the Head Unit then I don’t have to worry about the speakers because the Alpine Type R is a good premium range speaker I reckon and I will most likely only hear its full potential with an aftermarket Audio Unit, for now though I’m satisfied.

Nice one.... where did you get this done? what's the typical cost to do this? and are you saying that the alpine R type speakers are a straight replacment or were spacers required?? and finally did you get the sound proofing done on the doors?

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Hi guys

The front & rear speaker sizes are 6.5". you can use the original speaker adaptors by cutting out the old Speakers as they are glued & wired into this mount. I took out the spacer/adaptors by drilling out the 3 rivets but the job can be done carefully if you leave the adaptors in. If you don`t use the original spacers the front windows will hit the top of the speaker magnet. I could not find any stockist in England that make an adaptor for the 4.2 series Rav4. I got the idea of cutting out the Speakers from the original adaptors from our American friends over at

http://www.rav4world.com/ hope this helps any one else who wants to try this upgrade.


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All four Speakers were changed; the Improvements were an all-round general improvement. The factory Speakers are just woofers, but the new Speakers are ‘Two way’ with a woofer and Tweeter on each, also the factory speakers are paper based dirt cheap, whereas the aftermarket speakers are at least made of higher quality materials, add all that up and you get a much more crisp sound, less distortion at high volume and if you listen to music with a bit of bass in it then the aftermarket speakers handle the bass much better then the factory ones.

Re; the tweeters, I got these fitted when I bought the car from Toyota before I changed the four speakers, Thanks to this forum otherwise I would have never known you could add the tweeters (the wiring is all setup it’s just a matter of fitting).

As for sound the Tweeters add a higher pitch sound to the music but these are not necessary if you change all four speakers because as I mentioned earlier they already have tweeters attached if you opt for two way speakers.

Hope that helps :thumbsup:

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Prince - did the wiring fit straight onto the new Speakers or did it need extending / new connectors - I must stop reading this site - the mods keep coming :D

If cut / new how did you know which way round to connect them up ?

(Never changed Speakers before - can you tell ? :lol: )

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I used an In car audio Specialist to fit the Speakers I was only around in the Workshop to try out the different option of Speakers, so as a result I don’t know the complete details of the installation.

But if you visit this thread further down Forum member ‘RAV-44’ has been fitting his Speakers and should be able to tell more through his experiences about the installation of them.

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