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How Good Are Previas?

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are previas really any good? i really want to go out and buy one i would like the diesel model with full spec included :thumbsup: about a 2003/4 would be ideal and just affordable, if we cannot get a diesel we would consider the 2.4 petrol option but here there a little thirsty? is it true or not or are they closer than we have heard fuel wise? what about reliability and service costs? and lets not forget safety, we have looked on there own website at the stats and figures but - do we believe the guide lines or some kind and helpful soul on here (lick - lick)


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Can only speak for the old Previa's - Had 2 of them and they are very reliable.They are a little thirsty if you go for the UK petrol model. I get about 280 miles per tank - £55 :eek:

Service costs are resonable (got a mate who is a Toyota mechanic) :thumbsup:

Go through brake pads quite quickly.

Loads of space :thumbsup:

All in all i would recomend them

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I just had a D4D T3 Previa 5 weeks Nice but the noisy sounds like vw air cooled when you boot it. Paint job not to good no laquer in door shuts and under bonnet got clutch judder. Seat belts not long enough for RF baby seat. No sound proofing under bonnet.Half the things in the owners book you don't get in UK. Can't get anty car jacking system working. All the brakes did not from new after my first emergancey stop they now all work (Me thinks load valve was stuck with standing ) Loose chrome trim on back door and it took till yesterday to fix roof bars It seem the more you spend the worse you are looked after like the labor costs more for a Previa than a Yaris

But I am confident when I turn the key that I will get home

I had a Renault Espaec Grand and it had £14500 spent on it for new good job it was warranty work It broke down every month this year

Only thing I miss is the room,quiet and 20 BHP

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I have a year 2000 previa 2.4 CDX VVti - its great, really pleased with it. its not brilliant round corners as it rolls quite a bit and can get upset with several rapid changes of direction but then it is rather big. I get about 350 - 400 miles out of a 60litre tank which isnt too bad.

back door rattles badly and I cant figure out why. the engine malfunction light is permanently on - plenty of other posts on here have convinced me its a problem with dodgy software / cats rather than a proper engine malfunction. overall though its been great - no reliability issues at all in a year of ownership.

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I've had a 2.4 CDX since 2000. At 98K its time to look for a new car. I don't particularly want another Previa but I've looked all over and I can't find anything that does the job as well. My car is running fine apart from the old EMS light poping on and off from time to time. I use mine more as a van than a people carrier and I've cursed the deep lip at the tailgate many times. When its raining the number plate recess fills up with water so when you shut the boot you get soaked. I estimate it holds about 30 gallons. Front discs need replaceing about every 50K. Front pads wear like crazy but very easy to change yourself. My fuel consumption is down to about 19mpg at the moment. I think I may need a new Cat soon . Its used to return 26mpg so somethings not right.

Its super comfortable and still feels very powerful to me. The Auto box is superb and it's very quiet untill you floor the thottle. The most common reaction from passengers is corr! Keep your eye on the fuel flow meter and you won't do it too often though as the reading drops to 3.2mpg

I think I'll end up with another Previa. Hopefully they will bring out an model update soon

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Ive got a 2000 2.4 CDX too, bought mine used in april 05, had 41K miles on it then, ive since put on about 9K and the cars been fine. At first i wasnt keen on having an auto, but i couldnt find a petrol manual combination, was told it was only available in auto so bit the bullet. First time automan, find it great! proper lazymans car, and make town traffic a breeze. Handling was good originally, but ive since upgraded that a touch, performance was good aswell, but again i thought i could improve upon that. Styling wise, i think its one of the best looking on the road, better than espace, that awful renault thing! and the galaxy, chances are, ill improve on that too in the furture.

Ive had the CEL issue, but i think that was down to me messing, i was told to go under the bonnet, remove the EFI fuse for 5 mins, then replace and the light goes out, which it did. Luckily, ive invested in a Drapper OBD2 diagnostic tool which can read and reset fault, but i have had to use it for ages.

All in all, i wouldnt have any other MPV, i love my previa.

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