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Does Yours Swivel?

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I was reading in the owners manual that the rear Toyota Badge swivels to reveal a lock. However mines does not, it appears glued in place. I have checked behind the boot lid and there is a lock there. Anyone else had this problem? Suggest a solution?

I could obviously apply force and rip the Badge off but then may need to just stick it back on. It is a pain having to open the car and release the boot switch to open the boot every time.

Thanks in advance.

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Well I know this is probably going overboard but I have ordered a new Badge. Little things like that really :censor: me off!!! For anyone interested thay are £32 + VAT. Thats supply only. I'll try and keep the existing lock and put the new Badge on. When i get the part (dealer advises 29th ish) I'll have a stab and let you know how I got on.

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Got new Badge from Dealer - (only took a couple of days to come in). Fitting is very simple. Two screws - you will need a spanner - 10mm. undo the screws and remove the small plastic clip out it pops. fitting is just the reverse.

New Badge looks great - nice n shiny and it finally swivels :D

The lock is fixed into the Badge and cannot be changed so you will have 2 keys on your keyring but thats not a biggie.

If you can find one in a scrappy (good luck finding one though :unsure: ) then you will need to get the key for it as well. A bit obvious i know but these things can be overlooked.

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