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hi am pondering with the idea of turboing my 4a-fe.

i've heard it can be done but i'm looking for all the advice and help out there.

i don't particularly want a new engine.

what i would like to know is....

a) how easy is it?

B) what is involved?

c) total cost?

d) anything else that would be needed...

ideally i would like to know everything that i will need andd how much?

Cheers guys..


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there is a kit available which costa about $2999 that should include everything you need. However For that sort of money (dont forget the extra for fittment) If would be better to go for a new engine, not to mention the internals of the 4AFE wouldnt be able to handle high levels of boost.


as u can see it will only go to 6psi before it becomes dodgy.

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What Ive done is got hold of an old 4AGE engine from a mk1 mr2, I stripping it down and rebuilding it then I'll be fitting it in my 98 corolla, some people have said they dont see the point but my current 4EFE doesnt have the power i want and although the 4AGE Ive bought is old and only 120bhp tops standerd, by the time ive replaced parts and cleaned and tuned it all up I hope to be running about 150-170bhp.

There's plenty of different engines in the toyota family, u never said what year your car was? anyways, there's lots to choose from, Ive researched the web now for a good couple of years finding out all I can about the different toyota engines, seems the most popular ones are as follows:

4EFTE (Turbo engine as in the starlet turbo's)

4AGE 16V (early MR2 models)

4AGE 20V

4AGZE (supercharged)

3SGTE (2.0 Turbo...BEAST)

If you're working to a budget then the 4AGE or 4AGE 20V would be a good option, Your best bet is to go onto google and type in 4AGE and then see what results come up, Its not as expensive as others may say, if u do it right.

I didnt want to pay out £1000s for the engine and fittment, so i scouted ebay until i found a bargin.

PM me if u need anymore info :thumbsup:

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Rebuilting anit for that faint harted, very time consuming and if you break the wrong thing costly.

I'm currently building a 7AGE engine full rebuild custom I have all the part now so to give you an idea of cost.

£200 for 4age late spec engine, loom & ecu(non tvis)

£70 for gearbox

£70 piston rings

£130 bottom end bolts and main barings

£40 for full gasket set

£15 for new timing belt

+ £100 for van hire, Oil, misc parts etc.

(oh and I got most of my parts cheep, brother is a parts man)

call it £650 and then start striping it.

The rebuilt time so far I think i'm at 12hr striping and pull at things

by the end of it I think alone I might be looking at around 60hr's+

:bookworm: I've never done a rebuilt before or taken a spanner to an engine up until afew months ago so you could consider this a novices time scale.

Like the man says not THAT expensive compared to the 4agze option but will take a long time.

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