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Cd/ Radio Replacement In Corolla T-sport

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I have a Corolla T-sport -03 and I want to change my original stereo to another stereo.

Whith the original stereo you can almost do nothing, I have installed a "booster" with many diffrent filer (active and passive) but the sound is not god.

I know that there is a "replacement kit" but I don´t know were to find it? :eek:

The second problem is that i live in sweden, and I have called every dealer here in sweden.

And thay only saying that they never had that question, maybe 6-7 month they could have one.

Please help me with this preoblem

/Andreas "Sweden"

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My Install Page

Take a look at my pics, see if this help you, and what you are looking for.

If you need info about it, let me know.



Nice job but what about the trip computer that

uses the display of the stock cd?

I don' t think there is any solution. You either

change the cd and you lose the trip computer or

you stay with the stock one forever.

This was a strange choice from toyota together

with the selection of two colours (green and red in CTS)

for the dashboard and the main display. :ffs:

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Hi Gramacar

yes i did lose the trip computer :ffs: but then when i did have it, i never used it anyway :thumbsup:

i just thought it was a waste of time. If i want to know how much fuel i use, then i can pretty well guess it, from what i can remember is was something ranging from 19-30mpg... but then i was booting it as well :thumbsup:



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