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Blitz Nur Spec Or Buddy Club Racing Spec Ii ?


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I have the Buddy club zorst. It's a complete crazy straight through exhaust. Loud as anything!!... But I am now begining to want a Blitz Nur Spec. Reason being that I have a veilside rear bumper with alot of space to fill. The blitz exhaust would do this.

Saying that tho the Buddy club I would assume would be better for performance as there are minimal bends compared to the Blitz zorst. Also the buddy club flames and pops like crazy.

Curious of your opinion on it. Performance.. (Buddy club?)... or Looks... (Blitz).

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Make up your mind?!?!

Nur spec is nice to look at but dead common on 2's. I think you should keep the Buddy Club cos it's crazy loud and is a part of the car.

You would get fed up with a nur spec dead quick!

Ps.Your a bummer. :D

Put the bung in your exhaust for a few days, that'll let you hear how it'll sound!

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heya sorry to ask a silly question and IVe tried looking but what does the buddy club exahust look like please? any pics would be great :D

lovely car you have there though mate, seen it on shafs site before and been very impressed :D

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Stupid chav in his Golf! :rolleyes:

Jim, Buddy Club! :D  :thumbsup:

Shut it Yaris boy, glorified corsa boy is all you are!! :D

Anyway, Jim's exhaust is basically a straight thru pipe coming off the down pipe and thats it!!! :wacko: it's awesome loud and pops flames for fun! well worth having...(imo)

there's a bung that come's with it too incase it's too loud for you :D

I'll try take some pics of it on tomo if i get a chance :thumbsup:

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i like the look the of the blitz really nice sounds good to but i see to many of them i would stick with the buddy be a bit different

i have a HKS hyper but its not loud at all :(

but i haven't seen to many so im not bothered plus i just got my turbo xs bov so that makes up for it :yes:

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I dont have a buddy club, But my 2 failed its MOT last year for a blowing exhaust, and I could nit afford a new one, as id spent all my cash on the car.

So get some 3" pipe, and build one i thought !

3" straight from the cat to the back of the car with the old 4" sleeve welded on the end so it looks nice !

Then a month latter, removed the cat, so 3" pipe straight from the turbo, to the back of the car .......LOUD !!!!!! POPS!!!!! BANG !!!! FLAMES !!!!! YES

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