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Hi Guys

I have just got a gen 6 Celica, Import, SS1, Auto. Have been driving it a week and love it to bits! heres the question next to my gear shift there are two buttons one marked pwr and the other manu I know it may be a bit of a silly question but anybody any ideas as to what they do? I drive normally with both deselected and when press the pwr one down get a light on dash saying ect pwr and when man pressed ect man. Have sussed out the red button allows me to move the gearstick without power thanks to these forums. Hope to upload some piccies soon. Great site look forward to being around quite a bit.

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both switches up = most economy

manu up , pwr down = powerfull driving up hills etc .

manu down , pwr up = is for snow/ice driving , gearbox is locked in 2 , you can also use the shift lever like a manual box in this position.

welcome to TOC. enjoy . :thumbsup:

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