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Kent Cams For Yaris


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I read in a magazine that Kent made cams for Yaris.It says that you can get a 105HP :drool:

but what about the power curve?at low rpm?

also it says that you need an induction kit or better filter and a better exhaust.

Which are the good and the bad things of this mod?upgrade brakes?

I believe with 19hp+ it will be enough fast as you need. :thumbsup:

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Ok, you need to work out what duration cams you want, to start with. They are measured in degrees, and are somthing like 270 - 290 for Fast road, 290-300 for race, and 300 - 320 for rally. The degrees relate to how long they are open for (or on cam) during a 360 degree rotation of the cam. The higher up the scale you go, the more specific the power band becomes. so with mine at 304 degrees, the car will only pull at 4500 - 5000rpm and i mean only after (means lots of fun) but the worse the fuel economy becomes because of a massive overlap. Think about this, because it was one of the major factors which almost halved the fuel economy (300 miles per tank down to 160) i would do the filter/exhaust thing first if i where you. What do you want your engine to do? I have to thrash mine to get any power at all and stay in the rev band of 4500 - 7500. Thats a usable rev range of 3000rpm.................. but if you go the oppostie end and get some low spec cams, you will not have these probs, but wont have as much fun . :D

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Even now I need to thrash up my engine to get some power!Under 3800rpm where VVTi evolves I don't have any torquing power!!First of all I want to stiffen up my Yaris with front upper strut brace and lower springs than I shall look for other mods.

The magazine says that the durantion of overlap and the degrees are keeped secret!!I am thinking... how to predict the power curve of my car?as you say this mod I shall look it later.

My uncle used to have a Celica like yours it is a very beautiful car, with double webber(the second weber evolved after 120km/h.It's a pity that I didn't drive it and he didnt gave it to me but he went it for scrap!!! :crybaby: (It was in a very good condition)

Anyway I am off topic!

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Most places like that will keep it a secret because they don't want to be copied. And so they leave it out of the mags unless they are selling a bunch of them.

Unfortunately you have to buy the cams in order to measure the lift,duration,and overlap.

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