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2006 National Meet Date's


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More will be added once the date's have been finalised but here is a preliminary draft for you to add them to your diaries :thumbsup:


Thursday the 13th to Sunday the 16th, TOC Run To the Ring.

Sunday the 30th, Toyota Track Attack@Bruntingthorpe.


Sunday the 28th & Monday the 29th, Rotorstock (replacing Japfest)


Saturday the 24th(test day,rwyb) & Sunday the 25th, Japshow@Santa Pod.


Saturday the 22nd & Sunday the 23rd, JAE.

Sunday the 30th TOTB5.




Sunday the 8th, Autumn Japshow@Santa Pod..


Saturday the 16th, TOC Christmas Party.

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JAE - 22nd and 23rd July

Then a week somewhere with the kids (flamingo land again maybe.. they like it there)

Then TOTB5 before we head home... sounds like a good plan :thumbsup:

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we not doing japfest next year?

It wasn't the best organised event really was it (I don't mean on TOCs part). I don't think I'll miss it.

:rolleyes: Comment's like that plus all the grief i got afterward's mean's no official presence at Japfest :yes:

Rotorstock the week after instead ;)

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no it was a 2 day event! ken was told it was a one day, but i went for the crack and saw all the tents...

i was then told ken was told about 3 days before the event about the camping or somat like that

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