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hey have a major problem my gearbox bearing have almost totally givin up and i cant select 2nd or reverse also 5th gear keeps popping out. just wanted to no what gearboxs were fitted the corolla gt and if they were the same as any other toyotas or if any oter fitted my ae82 corolla gt. :help:

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!Removed! hell man, what have you done to that poor g/box! :P

I know its a common problem with popping out of 5th (which ive never had on any of mine) but from the sounds of it, all them other problems have occured with not enough g/box Oil changes!

Anyway, MK1 MR2's/AE82 and AE92 (corolla GTI) all run the same g/box's!

Also the standard AE80 and AE90 etc run the same g/box but with a higher ratio diff, which dulls the performance off, but if you have no other choice, what can you do!

Start searching them breakers and scrap yards mate! :D

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