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Boost Measurements / Readings


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I have a Greddy mechanical boost gauge (in Bar)

Now i used this when I first fitted my MBC to set the boost.

Now I have a HKS Boost conrtoller (EVC 5) which has a screen and reads boost in kpa.

Now i know that 14.8 ish psi is 1 bar

But what is kpa compared to psi / bar ? only ask as want to know if my greddy / HKS read out is more acurate !

HKS has the reader in the engine bay, and is a digi display

Greddy is a vacume pipe from the engine bay to my dash.

But how do i convert kpa to psi / bar ?

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1.0 Bar is 1.0197 kg/cm which is 14.5 psi, which is 100 kpa :)

I know the bar, psi, and kg/cm are right....to convert from kPa to psi, multiply the number by 0.145. As for your example, 1020 kPa = 148 psi.



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