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Ban Santa


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The germans are trying to ban santa! :lol:


Anti Santa campaign launched

A German group has launched a campaign to persuade people to turn their backs on Santa Claus and return to St Nicholas instead.

The Santa-Free Zone group has printed off thousands of flyers and stickers and is handing them out in towns across Germany.

Celebrity newsreader Peter Hahne is championing their campaign to ban Santa who he says was created to advertise Coca-Cola in 1931.

He said it was time that Germany ditched Santa, who has commercialised Christmas, in favour of traditional Yuletide figures such as the Christkind and St. Nicholas.

"St. Nicholas is not Father Christmas. The values associated with the former are selflessness, charity, solidarity, giving and sharing. He is perfect for getting across the Christmas message.

"Santa Claus on the other hand is a product of a consumer society. He is a symbol of shopping and has got nothing to do with Saint Nicholas, who still teaches us today that giving does not make you poorer, but richer," said Hahne.

Story here

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Haha - but Guy Falwkes was real and is already dead. I don't think he needs banning :lol:

Plus Bonfire night is one of the most fun non-religious (well almost unless you follow the whole gun powder plot reasoning) excuses for a party every year ;)

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No.. Santa Clause excisted before coca-cola.. all coca-cola done was gave him his red suit and white beard.. but St. Nicholas was known as santa claus before that.. Santa Cluas the name is derived straight from the name St. Nicholas.. saint = sant and claus = nickcluas.. santa claus. get it?.

St. Nicholas was a Russian man who gave stuff to the ppor families in Russia a long tima ago.. don't know what it has to do with Christmas though.. i have long since forgotten.. but thats the fault of the comercialism that has become christmas.

It should be banned untill December.. that way the kids don't get too high too soon.

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