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1991 Celica St?


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What type of parts are you after, exhaust, induction, turbo, chip ??

You can find many of the parts here on TOC and advice on which is best suited and can even get discount on many of the products through our gold section...


Oh and welcome to the club...

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The '91 Celica if I am not mistaken shares the same engine as the NA MR2, the 3S-GE so would imagine you could probably use the same induction kit, s although not 100% as obviously the engine is in the front of the car which may change where the room is.

If this is the case Apexi induction kit's seem to be the flavour of the month in many clubs, personally I use a HKS Induction Kit which some alledge does not filter as well although personally have had no problems as yet and love the sound, saying that Loz from LOC has an Apexi Induction kit in his CRX and it looks and sounds superb.

There are to many exhausts to mention although I personally like Mongoose Stainless Steel Exhausts, they look good and have a superb exhaust note, while allowing your engine to breathe that much clearer....

Hopefully some Celica Owners will be along shortly to clarify what I have said and confirm that this is also the case for the Celica...

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Rhaines is right the car has the same engine as the MR2 N/A. You'll have to shop around for parts. Bascially most air filter/ induction kit manufactures can supply the kits. Exhaust are harder to get hold of suggest mongoose, scorpion or if you want custom kit then powerflow. Best gains are with Mongoose so far as I can tell. Chip sets: Super chip or unichip - the later is more expensive I went with superchip and my cares rolling roaded at 171bhp 11bhp higher than standard.

If you opt for a K&N kit then make sure to position the cool airintake to draw air in from the wheel arch as the standard fitment says to postion it over the engine, canceling the purpose for cool air as it's going to draw hot air in that way. I'll explain in greater detail if you get the kit.

Have fun their great motors

A good website for pointers or parts www.fensport.co.uk


1992 celica GTi, (3sge) K&N 57i, Full Mongoose Exhaust System, super chips icon, evoIII blade alloy wheels & momo corse steering wheel. 171bhp

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Personal opionion (sorry Deejay) would be to stay away from Superchip and go with something like unichip, motec etc more expensive but better gains....

Well I thought the same until I saved nearly 200 notes. You see the problem with the celica is that you can only have an Icon added to enhance ignition timing which gives you about 8-10bhp. No point in spending big money on chips unless you have a turbo (dunno about N/A MR2 same engine though). I got mine done for £200 and I had it rolling roaded and given three weeks to decide if I like it or not, if not I can have it removed, no harm done to the wallet. I can't complain though my car's running sweetly. What do you have to lose? :thumbsup:

Now there are better makes such as motec and unichip but I'd advise to try this first, unless you have alot of doh

Anyone interested in where I got it done. I still have the details somewhere? :bookworm:

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