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hello im new here n i am gettin a 1989 toyota celica st n i need sum advice on how to fix all the rust that has :censor: up my car..ok all the trouble spots on the car are rusty n there are holes infront of the wheels and in back of the wheels ohh and above the wheels the paint is starting to bubble up because of the rust so if anyone has any ideas or sugestions on how to fix this up. thnx alot ohh and after the body is done what should i do next interior, sound system or rims but b4 u answer keep in mind that my car is going to go for the stock look but really fast times on the track most of my work is goin to be done on the inside and the engine i want the cops to think that im just another car on the road i dont want them to look at me more then once i want them to c me n then forget i was even there :D

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lol i live in the states lol i live in new york n from reading past posts i think all of u are well most are in europe but thats sweet cuzz i was born there :) im from bosnia :hokus-pokus:

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