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Petrol Consumption?


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Ok, im no good with the MPG.

Basically I currently do around 70miles to a tenner around town (by this I mean that my journey to work consists of maily by-pass driving but a lot of it is spent in 1st/2nd gear chugging in the que's) in my Mk3 Golf Gti.

Compared to this, what would I be looking to get from something like a Gen 5 GT or similar?

Because of the miles I travel every day to get to work its something I really have to consider when buying any car!

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doing 10 mph due to snow and slush is 1 reason buddy.

i'm trying adding acetone to my fuel for a few months apparently it makes fuel vapourise easier creates extra power and reduces mpg ???? check it out on the web , adding acetone to fuel.


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???? Why are you getting worse MPG this time of year??? Colder air, road conditions? I do not understand.

Three reasons:

Firstly, the air is colder - therefore denser. More air needs more fuel. The AIT meters the air temp, and the ECU adjusts fueling accordingly.

Secondly, it takes the engine longer to warm up as the ambient temperature is lower. During warm up, the engine runs richer - just like pulling out the choke on a carburetted engine.

Thirdly, you use more electrical power during the winter (lights on more, fan, rear heated screen, etc). More load on the engine via the alternator (although it's probably negligible).

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Cheers for the replies, I was interested to know as I have noticed a steady drop in fuel economy over the past few months from about 300 miles per tank to about 250 miles per tank and I thought it might be due to the denser air but I was not sure. Cheers for that

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That sucks *****! So that means we loose just under 20% fuel economy in the winter months! God d*mb that is bad.

Gen 6's should do better due to having a lambda sensor and closed loop fuel control. My 26 mpg figures are for 90% motorway journey's as well. :crybaby:

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