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[sw20] Removing The Centre Console


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After a number of questions and PM's about accessing the stereo in a Mk2 MR2 or SW20 I have put together this quick HowTo, it should be straight forward so if I have made any error's or your not quite sure please drop me a mail or PM and we'll get you fixed up with the information you need.

I find it easiestto first remove the crew just under the left of the steering wheel and the cigarette lighter. I normally store these bits and bobs in the ashtry as it's never used for safe keeping.

Next remove the gearnob and lift the gator (all thought htis doesn't have to be done I find it easier to remove the center console without it in place (be careful not to snap the plastic gator surround).

Pull out the ashtray and remove the 2 screws below it (again I store these in the ashtray).

Now all the screws are out it's time to take the centre console out, starting at the sterring wheel end pull with medium force as low as you can, bottom left of the steering wheel, this should now come away enabling you to work your way around the centre console releasing all of it. You will need to pull out the two cable connected to the cigarette lighter (one led and one power) and the centre air con vents (be careful with these as they have a tendancy to snap. The rest should pul away nice and easily.

To replace the console just do the same in reverse.....

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