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Pics Of The Yaris


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lookin' good homeboy, the debadged rear looks alot better than i expected when u first posted about it!

nice boot build too :D

doesn't look like u have as much of a gap between the headunit and dash as me though :huh:

i'll send u pics of it one day

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Hi VTRick

Your car looks really good my friend. Love the boot install. Tints look really good on a silver car. The debaged really works. It totally makes the car look different. Does your exhaust give off a nice throaty sound?

Nice one mate :thumbsup:


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You have done very good job!! :thumbsup:

I like the MS design front fog light spoiler it looks very good :thumbsup:

It will degendly much with a TS mask.beautiful?

I can not understand why in England,Germany and other countries the silver Yaris has a beutiful grey interior and mine in Greece has an ugly ocean green-grey(turkoiz?) :crybaby:

Anyway they soundsystem must play very good ;)Cost?

You used TTE lower spring without changing the shocks? <_<

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sound system cost me more than i'd like to think. but i know a guy who works for vibe so i saved about a grand on it. and i saved alot actualy putting it in cos i made it all myself. still cost me alot though, wiring is so expensive when it gets past 8AWG

the exaust is a TTE one, its great, it makes a really nice tone but it isnt too loud.

and no, ive not got TTE springs, the weight of the stereo keeps the back down ;) its loud though. i havnt had it tested yet.

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