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Just wondering what petrol you guys use in your cars I have a 'rolla Tsport.

Do you use normal unleaded or super (optimax).

Does it make a difference to performance / milage ?

Let me know


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I use super unleaded in my car and there's a noticeable difference with the RON increase, I'm not sure how it affects mileage, there may be a slight increase in performance however it may not be noticeable :hokus-pokus:

the only downside is that it's about 7 or 8p more than standard unleaded :(

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If your car is a performance model or worth a few quid I'd go optimax every time for the increased RON / less wear on engine.

For everyone else I guess it's price driven really.

There was a similar thread to this one recently - also touched on supermarket fuels and differences.

Perhaps a moderator could merge the threads - I've put a link here:


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After my supercharged engine transplant I found that the engine pinked on normal unleaded so filled up with Optimax at the first opportunity. What a difference!! No pinking, a sharper exhaust note and I'm sure it performed better as well plus an extra mile or so per gallon more than the unsupercharged engine - what more can you ask for? Since then it's been super unleaded or Optimax every time.

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I swear my car drives and SOUNDS better on Optimax!! Really! It sounds dead ropey if I have to use BP or supermarket unleaded too.

A while back, I filled up with Optimax after an injector clean and added a bottle of Power Boost too. This would have brought it up to 100+RON but it wasn't the huge difference I expected compared to normal Optimax.

I just use Optimax by itself now.

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