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T-sport Engine Into An Sr


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hi. bloke i know has written off his t-sport and has a perfectly good engine. he asked if i wanted it. i dont think it would be possible to fit it staight into my sr. im not sure. what would need to be changed subframe and suspension wise?

any ideas.

it was just a thought

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I dont think it would be worth all the hassle as you would need to upgrade some components to Tsport standard (brakes etc.) so you may aswell get a tsport! If its free though as you make it sound take it anyway :D :P You never know!

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as has beem said before should fit in fairly straight forward. get as much as you can from the write off, mounts,ecu, harness, clips etc

before you go ahead id get an insurance quote, it will go up but should still be reasonable as it it a std toyota engine going into a toyota. with all the mods on the rolla in'm only paying and extra £300 on to of the std car insurance price. thats all mods declared, agreed value, protected o claims etc.

if you want to do it, do it. dont be put off by the 'why bother, get a t sport' brigade. if no one went out on their own how boring would it be? i have been ask the same question about the rolla, 'why spend over 20k on an old corolla? get an evo or somthing. see thats the point any one can get an evo by going down a dealers and handing over a wad of cash. however when you have a car that is pure you...well thats a different story it takes blood sweat and tears to get a car the way YOU want it and even if i personaly dont like the end result i always admire the person for the time and hard work they've put in

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