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Mk2 Price?


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I am turning 16 very very soon, and my car of choice is an mk2 turbo...I was looking at '93s...and Kelley Blue Book said it was about 6000, however I am having trouble finding one for about that price..Another mr2 forum said that there is no way I will get a '93 turbo for any price within 6-7,000, and I'd be lucky to find a '91 turbo for that price, but a few sites such as kbb.com and such say that it is about 6000...I am in the US, Arizona..Could someone please tell me if I could get one for around 6,000, and how hard I would have to look? Thanks.

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Unfortunately am not familiar with US Prices as the majority of users on this site are UK Based.

I don't know about the states but in the UK MR2 Turbo's were import only so this maybe a contributory factor as well.

At 16 I hope you have large pockets as although I am sure insurance is cheaper over your side of the pone the Turbo is not a cheap car to insure or run, it is very fuel thirsty and aprts can be costly...

If you do find one I wish you all the best and if you ever need help weith it don't hesitate to drop thislist a message for assistance....

Oh and welcome to the club...

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