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New Mitsu Evo X


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Now this looks damn fine! :drool: finally they have moved away fromt he bland looks!!! :D











p.s) i have edited this thread as i had some concept pics... this looks to be the real thing as opposed to an artists expression.. :thumbsup:

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Pah!!!! Not a real car is it? How much driver input is needed for that????? Nowt i tell thee. Assuming it follows current mitsubishi thinking?

And is that an Auto changer i spy? Tis pants.

Looks ok-ish tho. :D

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since when does a vectra have extended wheel arches and vents coming of them? :P

Anyways i'm not liking it very much.

I think they've had to do something radical because of the re-vamped scooby. but in my opinion it hasn't paid off. :(

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Moved away from the bland looks!!!

How can you say that the new one is not more bland?

Old evo looked class and different to anything else.

This looks like a vectra that someone decided he wanted to put in max power mag.

When i say bland.. im comparing it to the Evo VI which IMO was the most agressive looking car in the series... The ones after the VI were IMO softer in the style dept.. the front bumper and bonnet were smoothed over.

This front end is going back to the more agressive styling which i approve of.

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