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Tns300 And Waypoints


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Hi there!

We've recently got our new Avensis D4(?).

It has SatNav, but I wonder, is it possible to add your own waypoints in this system (TNS 300).

And also, is it possible to enter a new destination while driving? (Now we have to pull over and stop the car for doing this).

Thank you so much for your attention!

Edit: I miss the manual for this GPS system - does anyone have a PDF version?

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On the Full Screen colour TNS 300, you can "Mark" a point and give it a name. Basically I note the positions of all the speed cameras I pass, and set up a warning tone for that waypoint. Not sure about the ordinary version though.

As far as setting the destination while driving, it will lock you out above 5MPH for safety reasons.

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