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Buying A Gt-r Import ( St182 )


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Hello, I'm looking at buying an imported Celica 2.0 GT-R and am looking to get some feedback on the following questions :-

Are there many problems with parts availability?

Are the any M.O.T issues with imports?

Will the fact that the car is a Jap import affect my insurance much?

Is there any common faults or problems I should look out for with model Celica?

Any responses will be much appreciated.



( Soon to be Celica owner, hopefully! )

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Parts arent a problem, and wont make any diffrence to the MOT.

Insurance wont be any diffrent or if it is it will be almost nothing.

Listen for noisy gear boxes.

Nothing apart from that.


Good choice, so many people are jumping on the celica wagon now.

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I own a uk spec celica GT, Both cars are the same apart from the car running on higher octane contect abroad so run on optimax or super to get the best out of it. The insurance shouldnt be a problem. Look out for general wear and make sure the cambelt has been done if the cars mileage is high. Generaly they are good cars and if serviced regularly they'll probible out live us :)

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