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Toyota Yaris Bellta..


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no wonder she looks happy - cos that car looks alot like a lady pleaser, its like the old echo sedan - %$(ing ugly, im glad we don't get it here

honda made a jazz sedan for the same market and that was ugly as well - moral of the story - don't turn small hatchs into sedans

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Yes, I've seen it before and it doesn't grow on you with time! :wacko:


The name Belta means "beauty" or "beautiful person" in Italian. Toyota said it has been designed with sophistication and beautiful styling to create beauty in the daily lives of its owners.

Yeah, right! :rolleyes:

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oh no!!

saw the old echo sedan whilst in Oz this summer...looks awful...that looks worse!!!


Yes, I've only ever seen one Echo sedan over here but it looked a lot better than the Belta. The front styling of the old Echo was changed so it didn't just look like a hatch with a boot stuck on the back.

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Wel front end could be nicer (aint a yaris :P) and the rest could just be any saloon shape! So deffo nothing special! No flair really! (saying that when they try to be "flairy" (yes i made that word up :D) They end up with the Aygo so mayb Toyota should just start building there older style models again :P

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That is indeed, the Yaris Sedan for North America, at the very least...It was announced at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, USA...

I took a screengrab during the launch of the Yaris Hatchback for the US, when they announced the Echo Sedan replacement....


Although I never bought an Echo until we got the hatchback version here, and same goes for the new Yaris hatch that I own...


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in all fair honesty i think that would make a damn fine project base

the styling isnt THAT bad, just needs a bit of a spoiler on the back

get it in black, huge chrome 18s and that front end looks 'substantial' to say the least

perhaps let a 3S fall in there! oh dear what a shame!

looks a bit like a chubby prius aswell

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