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Toyota Mr2 G-ltd 1991


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Well I am sad to say that the MR2 is FOR SALE. The only reason for selling is that I want to reduce outgoing’s with my marriage and house buying coming up in the very near future. The car is detailed on my website www.geocities.com/mr2_mart This is the spec as it stands now: 1991 MR2 G-Ltd (Jap import) Volks 16” alloys with new tyres all round. 77k miles on the car with 75k mile on UK spec 3S-GE engine (Swapped the engine last year after the original Jap engine died) Brand new clutch cloth interior Sebring exhaust HKS high flow induction kit It is believed to be lowered but spec is unknown(done in japan) Body work is beautiful, very minor stone chips on front bumper. No air con – was removed during engine swap. (pump is available if required) Rev 3 Rear lights( rev 1 lights can be fitted back onto car if preferred – also knock £100 off price of car for rev 1 lights) Crystal Clear front lights from USA MOT till March ’04 TAX till August ’03 All work done at my uncles toyota garage Toyota dealership HPI report. Thatcham CAT 1 Alarm Car works fine and has never let me down, I just want to pay off some debt before I get married. I will be very sad to see it go. Price with rev 3 rear lights £3350 ono Price with rev 1 rear lights £3250 ono I have tried to guage the price of the car against other MR2’s I see for sale on the net. This price is negotiable, let me know what you think mobile 07867 505307 work 01642 662432 evenings (possibly!) 01642 287653


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Very nice car... i am lookin at a MR2 as a possibilty for my next car...

I'm sellin my 1990 Celica 2.0GT and i would love a MR2 if it came along or a GT4...


but i have to say that i would wish you luck in your askin price as it seems a little high to me as i have seen similar spec cars in the 2.5k region...

maybe i am wrong..

Good luck mate...

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cheers mate,

yeah i have seen mr2's for around 2600 but they tend to have std wheels, induction and exhausts,

and they definatley dont have uk spec n/a engines.

i think if an enthusiast considers all these things they may understand.

also i said the price is negotiable! :)

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If it helps I would value my car at £3500 with:

'91 Import G-Ltd T-Bar

HKS Induction

Apexi De-cat

Mongoose Backbox

Uprated suspension

16" Racing Sparco Crimsonetta alloys

Revision 6 Light Conversion

Autopista Spoiler and Skirts

Bomex Nose

Oh and 33k on the engine :)

Would be pushing it to get £3,750...

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so my price seems a good starting point then IMO.

prices are always there to haggle over and its a top car so its a fair price.

i didnt just buy the car because it looked nice and i wanted to pose, i bought it for the drive-ability and it really is a great car to drive as all mr2 owners will agree.

thanks for your info rhaines, :thumbsup:

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Nope I just mine to pose :D

Well not quite, it's a great car to drive, and fun on track and I am a pure Mr2 nut anyways so can't really fault it :D

faults... hmm

it aint got boot big enough to carry my girls luggage when goign away!... :lol: :P

but then even an estate would hard pushed.. lol :P

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YEP YOUR RIGHT, I Have had several camping trips with the mr2.

spent a week with my girlie in jockland last year we got the tent and everything in!even a load of food!

you just gotta pack em carefully!

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