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burnouts...... :crybaby: poor poor tyres :crybaby: poor poor wallet if theyre nice ones too  :lol: 

alternatively...maybe it doing what mine does sometimes ..... rear wheels spin ....then front ones spin as car shoots forward  :ph34r:  :D  :thumbsup:

YEY!!!! :D Sum 1 knows what i am talking about!!!!

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Guys, don't argue with an idiot, he'll just bring you down to his level and then beat you with experience.

LOL, only jokig mate. It's not physically possible to spin the front wheels, just as much as it isn't possible to spin the rear wheels in a front wheel drive car. There is no power going to the wheels, therefore any spinning you experience is not actually spinning but the car doing something else, that you THINK is the wheels spinning.

I guess it's possible if the wheels were turned and you booted it away that they culd lose grip and the car could understeer, but that wouldn't be spinning. For them to spin, they need to be turning faster that the car is moving and with no power to aid this, it just aint happening.

Maybe your refering to the rear wheels spinning, then the car dips at the front and hesitates before launching?????

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