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that resistor is probably damaging your engine. take it out. it fools the ecu into thinking that the air going into the combustion chamber is cooler than it is, causing the motor to run richer and hotter. long term use will cause some damage.

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Dont worry, i didnt buy the resister off eBay. Its my own doings.

Leaner = hotter

More Advance = Hotter

Richer = cooler

retarted = Cooler

Yes, the car will now be running more advance and richer.

Really, in an ideal world ITB's do require aftermarket management, but theres always work arounds. Not brilliant but workable.

Basicly we give the ECU pressure readings from the throttle possition, then tweak with the apexi. I've built a circuit using a lm3914 with 20 separate adjusters. It brakes the thottle into 5% blocks, each adjustable. So you can tell the ECu that the MAP pressure is X at 5% throttle interval. Wont drive like a factory setup but does work OK.

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