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Toyota Sat/nav/tape/radio


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:help: ,,,,,

hi all ,im fairly new to all this and have a couple of questions that hopefully someone may be able to help me with ,,,i brought this unit ,,a toyota original car av 76000, from a friend who had taken it out from a jap import,,,now question is i have no wiring loom for it and have no idea on which wires to hook up to make it work ,,there was no wiring loom from the car as other items used the same wires,,,does anyone know which plugs and wires i need and to which plugs on the back they all go ,,,,

and does the unit work as a stand alone unit?,

thank u all for takeing the time to read this and heres hopeing someone may know some answers ,,,thanks,,


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Hey man. nah the unit will not work as a stand alone, do you have the screen for it? i have a wiring loom for it but im not prepared to sell as i have a unit in my car, but its not workin, a wiring loom could be found, approx $150 here in nz! would you be interested in selling the unit? would give a good price, since i have all the gear for it in my car....any thoughts?


Wellington NZ :thumbsup: :D

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hey adam, cheers man for the reply,,yeah its a complete unit got screen ,cd,tape,and am/fm radio all built in has own amp etc ,,it also has av inputs on rear for anything else u may wish to add in ,,,dvd ,vcd etc,,inclosed pic of front,,,

it takes a cd shuttle as well and other add ons ,i may concider to sell and will offer to you first if i do ,, :thumbsup:

ive got the radio going and it powering up now ,,still working on the tape and cd part thou and the nav part as well ,,,,as ive got some nz sat cds that allow you to bring it up on screen ,,,i run a pioneer system in my car with dvd,tv,radio,tape,nav,and 6 disk changer ,all running throu two 7" pioneer screens ,,this unit is one i got from a friend and was hopeing to put it in my sons car ,but if i cant get it to power up with out the other stuff ,i will thenthink of selling it ,,

thanks for yr reply and would like to know about the looms u spoke of ,,,

cheers mate


ooops almost forgot the inclosed pic is one i got of my unit ,but mine doesnt have the plugs, :crybaby: life would be easy if i did lol


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Hey sounds like a really sweet set-up! lets us know how you get on with the sat nav unit!

cheers adam.

Oh, you might be able to find a wiring loom at a toyota dismantler, just need to find out what car you unit came from:D

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hey cheers andy ,,,yep thats the unit all right ,,,so far i have managed to get cd shuttle working and radio,and the tape ,,,so getting there,,, :D ,,

ill post any wiring diagrams that i find or make and let ya all know how it goes ,,,

btw,,,have just got in 4 toyota in dash tv's,,,2 with wide screen and 2x 5" screens,nice units and are looking at moving them on if anyone interested ,,

thanks all for reading anf yr replys and any info u might learn please feel free to pass it on ,,,thanks ,


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