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Compadible Engines For '91 Tercel


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Looking for something with lower miles and a bit more jump. I've already heard of the EP-82 Starlet and a few other ones, just wanted to know if anybody here had any ideas?

Much appreciated, thanks.

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I would like to know this too. I have a friend with a Tercel with a blown engine. So were wondering what engine could fit. Could a Celica engine or maybe even a IS fit in there? Sorry just wonder cause we want to make this car a track car or else well toss it. Thanks

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the paseo had a 5efe - 110hp then the starlet turbo - 135hp, anything else will require special mounts and/or clearance made. I'll be installing a 3SGTE in a tercel soon, will get photos, going to shoot for a clip from a Caldina, factory 260hp, 239 torque. My reasoning is making it fit by doing the work myself will be cheaper than making the 4efte put out 200+hp. I'll prolly use a 5speed tranny off a 3sge celica. Stay tuned for updates.

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Quick question:

It received a new E- series engine designated 5E-FE. It is a 1.5 liter twin cam

16 valve engine that produces 100 hp and has a 6400 RPM redline.

It received a high compression version of the 5E-FE, designated 5E-HFE.

Bumped up from 9.4:1 to 9.8:1, it also received larger cams and ACIS (Acoustic Controlled Induction System).

It was rated at 115 HP and had a 6800 RPM redline.

I'm wondering if they listed the 5E-FE as 10 hp lower to try and get somebody to buy a more expensive motor....

Also, what about this 5E-HFE?


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