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Cranky Mr2 Help!


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Hi All,

Im new to this forum, hope you can help.

I have a 92 G-Ltd which (Im ashamed to say) ran low on oil and (I think, ) has eaten its big end bearings. (knocking on start up then a quite idle and knocks above 2500rpm)

Question is, is it a more viabile option to replace the crank and bearings or just replace the whole engine.

I have a quote from a company in Ireland to supply and fit a recon unit (1400 euro).

Any suggestion greatly appreciated

missing my 2


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if it's ran low on oil then it may well have done more damage than just the bottom end. Safest option to sort it out in 1 go is to put a new engine in there.

it's a lot less work than rebuilding, replacing parts - then putting it all back together, trying it and finding you forgot to replace something else.

New motor - does it all in 1 hit.

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Id agree.

Low oil could have caused other hiden damage, that may arrise a few more miles after repair.

The crank would have to be re-ground, and new shells, and bearings etc etc, and your cams may well have been starbed of oil...and who knows !!

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