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Window Problems


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hello all, i have a problem with the windows on my rev1 turbo. all the buttons work on the control on my door, bar the window ones. also the window buttons on the other door dont work either. a guy at mr T said it might be the fuses but ive had a look and im not too sure where the fuse box is. any help would be very gratefull thanks shaun

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Hi ,

Dont know if this helps but I had some probs with the drivers window in my 2 as well. I discovered the mounts on the regulator were broken causing the window to move sometimes (I was able to have this welded).

But also the control panel was intermittant.

I took it apart and found it was filthy inside (1992 MR2 G LTD). about 10 mins with a dremel cleaned it all up and no probs since.

Might be worth a look its an easy bit to take out and not too many pieces to loose!

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Sorry for the late reply,

if i remember correctly there are 4 mounting points (where it is bolted to the door frame) for the window regulator. On mine two of these mounts were broken and when i tried to open the window it would either not move (makes a fair bit of noise as well!) or mabye move the back or top of the window only.

I chanced bringing the regulator (minus its motor) to a local welder/ workshop and got it welded for €20! (beats payin over €300!) :)

Merry Christmas to ALL...

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