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New 2 Owner! (almost)


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Hi all,

This is my first post here (please go a little easy on me ;)), although I've been lurking for a while.

I've just done a deal on my first MR2, which I should be picking up on Sunday (can't wait! :crybaby: ). I just wondered if anyone more experienced than me might have any hints/tips on what I should check / work I should have done when I do finally get my hands on it?

I'm not familiar with the MR2 (or toyotas in general) but I'm ok on mechanical topics.

It's a UK, G reg Mk2 GT (piccies below). Here's the list of the mods:

17" lexus alloys

Dropped 40mm on PI's

Clear clusters

K&N induction kit.

Short Shift gears.

Recently had a bespoke 4inch straight cut single exit fitted - it purrs, it sounds unbelievable.




Also, does anyone have exact model numbers for the standard factory Toyota alarm and immobiliser that should be fitted to this (for the dreaded insurance)?

Thanks in advance for any help you guys can offer.

p.s. Paul, I don't know if you're a member here, but nice talking with you tonight :thumbsup:


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very nice m8 i saw it on eBay was watching it to see how much it would go for aswell very nice..

and the info i will let everyone else help you with that as i am not an expert myself..

All depends on how much you are paying for a g reg and what milage isit etc.

make sure theres no rust on the arches as they get much worse i have experienced...

check service history and all that and the most obvious oil and coolent levels etc etc

have a look at dics and pads i suppose as i have had to have all mine done and its not cheap

well will give more information when brain is actually workin i really cant think properly at the moment

when the experts reply they will tell you everything you need to know and i think theres a thread somewhere of this sort of thing with someone else

cheers actsreet

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Hi acstreet,

Thanks for the excellent info. I read through a couple of buyers guides I found, but they were mostly about the tubby, so this is a great help.

I was lucky to get it actually, the highest bidder pulled out and the seller got in touch with me to see if I still wanted it. I got it for a shade under the highest bid price. Was a little over my budget, but I kind of fell in love with it (I'm sure you know how it is ;))

Apparently it's done 70k miles, but it's had a recon engine so it's a little hard to tell what that applies to at the moment (I'll ask the guy on Sunday).

It had it's MOT today (apparently he asked the guy to go over with it with a fine toothed comb) and it passed without issue, so I'm quite happy about that of course.

Thanks again for the info, I'm off to read this :)


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Hi guys,

First of all, thank you all for the very warm welcome! Looks like an awesome community, looking forward to the future (although it'll probably be a slightly poorer future ;))

a Terry Pratchett fan i assume

Lol, you got me :rolleyes: . I'm a computer programmer too, just to add to the humiliating geek-factor :P

You can download the repair manual here Lookie

Unfortunately, the MR2 manual seems to be offline at the moment. I'll keep checking back though. Thanks for the link, and the warm welcome. They're much appreciated.

yup welcome smile.gif thumbsup.gif the best of luck with ur baby

Thanks Jinxed! Hoping to make a clean getaway with a good solid motor from the start (wishful thinking? Unsure. heh)

and ....mort ...is that planetscape torment? heh good game n book

lol. Wow, I'd forgotten the Mort character in that (The skull, right?). I actually took it from the Terry Pratchett Discworld novels, but you're the first person I've known to spot the torment connection (including myself) :)

Agreed on that though. I love the entire Baldurs Gate series. Fantastic in both formats!

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Welcome to TOC Mort :) looks like a nice motor you found yourself there....

Tho Im not a fan of the air scoop on the back :P hehe

Good to hear the MOt went well, always a bonus, as they usually find something on these beasts.. even if its not a fail ;) lol

Good Luck with it all! :thumbsup:

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Welcome mort,

loving looking car you've picked there :) I hope you really enjoy it when you get your hands on it :D Look forward to seeing more pics

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Thanks to everyone for the warm welcomes and the various pieces of advice! Much appreciated :)

Nearly Sunday. Must... hold... on :ffs:

welcome mort, the car looks smart. im well into those wheels! is200 i believe?

Thanks spinout_mr2. Yeah, I think they are. They certainly look very similar at least. They're one of the things that really appealed to me when I first saw it for sure :D Hope they're in good nick!

Tho Im not a fan of the air scoop on the back tongue.gif hehe

hehe, yeah I kind of feel the same way, but I must admit it's growing on me a little the more I look at it.

Thanks again everyone! Look forward to speaking to you all around the forum :thumbsup:

p.s. Happy birthday Fidgits! :hokus-pokus:


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  • 4 weeks later...

Wow, I'm back =) What a rough month that was hehe. Sorry for the delayed response.

so have you taken possession mort? :) if so whats she like ? :)

hope shes a belter :) :thumbsup:

Yep, thanks for asking. Picked her up on the following Sunday, and what a stunner! Everything I'd hoped she would be and more :D I can't believe I didn't buy one sooner. I've been knocking around in BMWs for a good while, and while the 2 isn't quite as quick off the line as the 525i I had previously (opted not to get a tubby as my first mid-engine car ;)) I smile so often I must be getting a jaw like the california state governer :).

The huge hole in the back doesn't do me any favours in that regard, but damn it sounds sweet even if I do say so myself (anybody know any REEEAAALLLY long tunnels in Warwickshire I can play in? hehe)

I've only been close to losing the back end once so far (quick recovery and plenty of power out :thumbsup: ) but I've been treating her nice. Solid as a rock for the most part though, no roll at all. I think the fact she's lowered helps a lot there?

Struggling to fit a new headunit and Speakers at the moment though. Is it just me or is the wiring on all '90 MR2s as much of a nightmare? :P Getting ground connections on positive wires in the doors and all sorts :crybaby: .

Other than that though, I love every minute of it. Can't wait till the weather clears up a little (and the days get longer) so I can start 'tweaking' :)

Anyway, hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a drunken New Year (assuming you had a designated driver ;))!

p.s. No jokes about 5 series drivers thankyou very much. I am a very considerate driver unless you A ) drive in front of me or B ) drive behind me. :P j/k.


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