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Hi All

I'm new around here, so please be gentle ;)

I'm interested in buying a new corolla T sport (3dr) in either eclipse black, thunder grey or carlo blue

BUT.....................this is where the problems start :(

3 dealers in my area seem unwilling to help me buy one!

non have a Tsport as a demo car, so I can't really tell what the drive and gearbox is like. They just give a lame excuse of.......it will drive the same as a T3 (yeah ....like i'm gonna Shell out 16k without driving one)

They have also failed to even show me a Tsport in the flesh........so far all I can do is ogle other peoples cars as they drive past.

and I can't get to see a carlo blue corolla of any type :censor:

So, I'm asking for your honest warts an all opinions of the corolla.....the prefered colours and options and owners experiences with both the car and the dealers.

piccies of T's in the colours mentioned would also be nice

thanks in advance

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As for the colours........ my yaris is met black and would advise against it as it shows every inch of dirt, the grey looks nice and i dont think ive ever seen the blue in a t sport.....

... do test drive the t sport as its a compleaty differernt to the T3. I can assure you will like it tho,, :thumbsup:


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but thats the problem m8

no one has a T sport as a demo, so I can't test it.

one dealer suggested I should try their celica T sport, as it shares the same engine and box.............but unless i'm missing something, the celica is a totally different car.......so it's not going to drive the same.

Is it really that hard to get a test drive before you part with some serious moolah?

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So sad a dealership wont go out of there way... its a lot of cash that they 'will' miss out on.....


P.s put your location in your avatar, you never know someone maybe able to help.

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I remembered when i first sat in the T3, it was nice, and test drove.

I wanted to sit in the T-Spirit, had one in stock, and tested that one as well.

I saw the T-Sport, but was interested at the time, cause it was only in 3Dr model

(if i waited for an extra 6 weeks i could i got a 5Dr T-Sport :censor: :censor: )

It all depends on where you look, and what they have in stock.

Happy hunting mate...



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Depending on where yourt location is you never know one of our t-sport owners might be happy enough to take you out for a psin show what the t-sport is really like, if you come to one of our meets I'm sure we'll have some t-sports there...

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thanks for the offers of help guys.

I'm in Chester.

I've seen a total of 3 tsports in the area, with loads of T3's

lindop brothers 2 dealers nr me won't be getting my cash.

car and griffis (sp) were so layed back about the idea of selling me a car, they were horizontal :censor:

i'm going up to premier toyota in north wales on sunday to drive a celica :eek: (about 40 miles away)

toyota have offered a demo via their webby, but they can't confirm a date as yet!

I just wanna buy a car

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