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2003 Celica Gt


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Hi, I just bought a new 2003 Celica GT. I was wondering what small changes I can make to add a few horse power (just a few). My friend suggested cold air intake system, but I have heard that these systems can ingest water and it can ruin your engine. I also heard that in the winter time that it is bad. I've heard a variety of answers ranging from filter changes to turbo (turbo is expensive? probably voids my warranty). Any suggestions will help, thanks.

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Any changes you make will void the warranty if Mr T :angry: spots it. Why not ask Mr T what changes they can make that will not void the warranty.

On the other hand - how often does anyone need to use a Toyota warranty.

Try www.fensport.co.uk

Or <_< : buy a GT-Four :P or a MR2 Turbo :P .

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